Import Row Limit JDE 8.12 vs 9.1


Hello Everyone,

I've looked on the forum and I haven't found the specific answers to the questions below. I was hoping someone could provide some further insight.

Our company is currently using E1 8.12. We know we're behind with that version so we may consider a 9.1 conversion.

With 8.12, what is the import row limitation when importing a journal entry using the web client? What is the row limitation in 9.1?


It is a setting in the JAS.INI of the web server.

GridImportRowLimit value in the [OWWEB] section, default for 8.12 is 1000.
It may be not enough, some AS version (like WebSphere 8.5) block large http post (to avoid attack).

So if your import is performed through copy and paste may be you need to look at AS settings too.