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IE10 with Zoom


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Hello there

We have IE10 with JD Edwards and works perfectly fine for all users. Some users they do ZOOM % Higher and when they do that the JD Edward menus cuts off. I tried with compatibility mode no luck.
Is any one has this issue? if yes please tell me solution to that?

Thanks in advance.


Stewart Schatz

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Unfortunately, we've been unsuccessful increasing the zoom setting in any version of IE. We have had success with Firefox and Chrome. However, you may loose other functionality depending on how things like media objects are setup.


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I opened a service request with Oracle Support for this very same problem in June 2013. I wanted to zoom to 110%. I received the following response in February 2014:

The fix will only be in Tools Release 9.2 by Bug 16958545
Currently, you would have to use when using IE10, YOU can only do a 100% zoom, you cannot do a ctrl+plus or ctrl+minus.
If you have no further queries on this, I will proceed to close the SR.
Thank you.
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Thanks Peter

I will keep you posted what they say in my query with them. I checked the support portal and it says IE10 is supported but it is not.
I still digging to find on internet for work around. users need bigger font because of accessibility.


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We did. no luck

Peter, the fix will be in 9.2 which will be available in fall 2015.
IE10 supports might not be available from microsoft.


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In theory the compatibility mode should work. which even turn doc mode to IE8 standard page when you zoom to 125. i can see when press f12.
bug id mentioned above says it is IE bug as well