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I want out

I used to get a bunch "unsubscribe" e-mails from this list and I would think
"are those people stupid". It clearly states at the bottom of each e-mail to
unsubscribe go to the web site jdelist.com. Well I went there an
unsubscribed from all three lists 3 days ago, but I keep getting mail from
this list. If I go and unsubscribe again it says I don't belong to the list,
yet the e-mails keep coming.


Go ahead!!! Make My Day!!!!

I'm going to start auto replying with spam if I'm not taken off.



One of the reasons for the recent upgrade was to make
it easier for people to subscribe / unsubscribe. As I
explained to Ryan in a separate e-mail, you can
unsubscribe / subscribe to the mailing lists or digests
of your choice by logging into the forum, selecting
Edit Profile, then E-mail Notification / Subscription
and selecting the appropriate choices. I've already
done this for Ryan. If anyone ever has a problem,
please write to support@jdelist.com. We respond within
the same day.

Quoting Ryan.Branstetter@mhctruck.com:

taken off.

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I have attempted to unsubscribe myself and I keep getting mail well beyond
the 24 hours. When I go back to unsubscribe it says I do not exist on the
list but I keep getting mail - interesting - their unsubscribe does not
work. Maybe we should all just send them batch processed mail - SPAM


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