HyperLink or Clickable Link on JDE Form ( Not on Grid)


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Hello All,

Thanks for reading and appreciate your help

I am creating a custom application - Headerless detail form. On the form need to have a Clickable Link or Hyper Link which user can click. We have a weblink, stored in table, which I fetch and save it in a variable, then user can click on the HYperLink.
I did create a Push Button and used Go To URL, which user clicks and it works. But user prefers, if we can have a website like effect, where it is a Hyper Link. Something to draw attention of the user to click.
It can be a Fixed Text, but it should look like "HTML" tag as on website. On the Grid this is easy as we have option to make the column "Clickable" and then use Go To URL. Not sure how to do the same on Form.

Any idea how to do this on Form.

We are on E 9.2.