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HTML client problem...


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We have an apparent security problem with the HTML client... in our security
setup, *PUBLIC is locked
out of *ALL in application security. Most groups then have permission added
back for individual applications,
but some administrative groups have *ALL added back. Our problem is that
whenever a user in a group
which only has certain applications tries to run an application to which
they have access on the HTML
client, a security warning pops up and they are not allowed to open the
application. The same applications
work fine for the same users on a fat client, and users in the groups with
access to *ALL have no problems
with the HTML client. This makes me think that there's something being
called when an application is
run on HTML that I need to give the other groups access to, but I don't know
what. On the suggestion
of the response line, I regenerated menus for the JPD7333 environment; that
did pick up my change to
give one of the previously restricted groups access to *ALL, but it didn't
fix the problem. Does anyone
know what I need to do?

--Scotti Whitmire
DeRoyal Industries
Xe SP15, AIX4.3.3, Oracle 8.1.6, WebSphere 3.5


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Scotti :

Is your JAS Server on SP15 too?
Some bugs appears when JAS Server and the OneWorld basic installation are on
SP levels.


B7321 to Xe, NT/W2K/SQL
JAS, Interoperability
Grupo ASSA - Application Software SA


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Yes, it's also on 15, though it's at 15_010 and the enterprise servers are
at 15_006 right this moment.

--Scotti Whitmire
DeRoyal Industries
Xe SP15, AIX4.3.3, Oracle 8.1.6, WebSphere 3.5