How to set up fast path in oneworld.

Open UDC application P0004A, fill with H90 and FP the two fields.
Put ADD and go to the end of the grid set the fast pah that you want to use, set the (task view:name of task) and after valid
logoff and log on and after try your pastpath

Just to clarify, 00|FP is for the regular E1/OW login. H90|FP us for Solutions Explorer / HTML logins.

Thanks for your help,but when I type 'P4210' in fast path,
what version will be calling? what is defualt?how to set up it?
Hi jetwang,

As far as I know, ZJDE0001 will be called.
If this version does not exist, then all of the Processing Options will be empty for the APPL.

By the way, you can also check it, after you start an APPL from Fast Path.

Help > About OneWorld > Details


As Zoltan said, absent any other setup, FP will try to execute the ZJDE0001 version, but I don't know what happens if that version doesn't exist. But fyi, if you NEED a different version to be called, you can add a P4210 entry to 00/FP, pointing to a SelectionNumber/MenuID, and that entry will take precedence over the system calling the generic version.
In my 8.9 setup:

We use H90/FP to override WSJ fastpath. I placed "AP:p5598611|xxx0001" in description 2 to call my custom WSJ program.

Works for me.