How to release an application



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How to fix the following error.
I logged in as XYZ(as developer role) and need to test something. I don't want to make any changes because it is PROD data(live server)

Issues (click each label for more information):
Reserved by XYZ

A form level error has occurred.
CAUSE: The transaction is reserved for update by XYZ
in application using key 9000033OF00014 .
RESOLUTION: To update, you must inquire again after XYZ
has released the transaction.
ER Details:
Form P4312_W4312A
Control Id 1
Control Title Grid
Event Write Grid Line-After
Line No 65
BSFN Details:
Source File b0000603.c
Source Line 132
Error ID 113C

Please look for the highlighted fields, correct the entries, and resubmit your request.

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