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How to modify the existing data in E1 with a bold data upload?



Can anyone help me with this problem?

I'm trying to upload new data into E1 but at the same time, I want to modify the existing data. For example, an account needs to be assigned with a new sale rep and expired the old one. I know how to do a bold upload but do not know how to change the existing data with a bold upload...

Please help!


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So lets say you are doing this via an application (now in an application depending on your jas settings , gird rows to load , how many columns you have have how many rows you have ) may have some issue and overhead on jas and html servers when you do this upload via interactive application , you can have a grid , have business view , import to grid , once you press ok , grid will events like "Add rec to D before " Add rec to DB after " . In the evnt add rec to DB after , write custom code to fetch all rows which are not updated by current audit fields (the ones you added will have audit fields of today ) ,so fetch which are not , get them , write a while loop and fetch update them back or expire them . This shud take care of your new records add , as well as old records expire .

Hope this helps .