How to make a grid read-only?


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I have headerless detail form with a grid and a button. Here's what I want

1. After users upload (copy/paste) data into the grid using the Import Assistant screen, I don't want users to be able to update the data. Right now when I click on a record in the grid then it turns into an update mode. How do I make it so it's read-only

2. I have a button up on the top of the grid to process some logic when they select one or many records in the grid and click this button. If I make the grid read-only, it's still possible to do this functionality right?


JDE 9.1


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you can disable grid, import assistant work fine and you can continue implementing logical without problem but user cannot modify grid mannually.



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When I disable the whole grid, I can't paste data into the import assistance

It's very strange, I tested import from csv and clipboard Assitant Import without problem.

I'm thinking in another solution, you could disable current row and all columns in Row Exited & Change - Inline, so when the user copy & paste each row this is disabled and the user couldn't change. And this solution is better because the users could add more rows later. Try it and feedback us please.