How to identify Split Lines on an Order



We are on JDE E1 version 923. I need to create a report that list information from the order header and order detail information and need to highlight on the report the lines that have split. Currently, we enter line number as the line numbers are listed on the PO. For instance, x.000, x.x00 or x.00x however the customer requires. My problem is, how do I identify the split lines on order?

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Chan Rana

Chan Rana

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Split lines goes as 1.001,1.002 etc.. they also will have a bit different status code. You didn't mention clearly which Order you are talking of but seems you are working on Purchase order so this would be created during receipts mostly when a line is fulfilled with multiple lots.



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It is precisely not recommended to enter line numbers with a suffix in order to keep this link with the original order when splitting any origin (shipping, reservation, shipping confirmation, substitution, kit, ...). The only link between parent/child line numbering is used in kitting. In that case, the SDKITID contains the parent line number...
Maybe you could issue an enhancement request..It could be useful for tracing! Mathieu


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We allow JDE to number the sales order Lines and put the customer original PO line number in a reference field. Many of the reference fields will copy over to split lines. This allows us to use the reference value to summarize back to the original PO Line number for customers who want to see their line numbers in EDI or on documents.


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Take a look at the Quantity Backordered (SOBK) Column.
Not sure but I "think" on a Line Split that the field may get a non-zero value.