How to HACK JD Edwards OneWorld



IF YOU WANNA GET ROUND THAT "You are not licensed to run this application" MESSAGE HERES WOT TO DO.

1. In your DEV environment CREATE P55nnnnn AS NEW OBJECT
3. LOG INTO a STANDALONE version of OW
4. YOU CAN COPY any VERSION OF the APP - copy to the SAME name as the copied OBJECT
5. MAKE sure the copied P55nnnnn is checked out of Demo Jr
6. On your DEV box - rename DV7333 pathcode to DV7333_old
7. COPY \B7\DEMO from STANDALONE to DEV box \B7
8. Rename DEMO to DV7333
9. LOG IN to DEV Environment
10. CHECK IN P55nnnnn


----------------------------------MaD HAaKeR


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Hi anonxe,
Not a bad trick, BUT...
Why do I want to do it?
What about when Object Librarian (OMW), Check-In, Designers are secured for me?

At last but not least, in my humble opinion, to be a developer, a CNC or DB administrator, supervisor etc. means a great RESPONSIBILITY.
So why?


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I think he meant situations, when your (server) licence does not allow use of some application. I've seen such cases, just don't understand the business need for such tweaking - it's quite easy to hack JDE security (it takes from 1 to 2 hours to licence an installation of JDEdwards OneWorld without calling Response Line (don't bother asking me how)), it just does not make sense - you don't get any support, and if they figure out - they will be angry.
And if you just want to see, what an application does - you can just play with it in Standalone.


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Not only will they be angry but they will probably
bring legal action against your company. I would not
want to be the one responsible for doing
that...particularly if you are a publicly owned



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I think that AnonXe is showing us that JD Edwards OneWorld licensing is hard-coded to certain named applications rather than by system. It looks as if he is showing us a way around the designer issues by using a combination of standalone and xe.

However, I agree with the others in saying there is a responsibility in being involved in CNC and knowing what CAN be done and what SHOULD be done. However, if there are ways to improve the product then I agree that they should be published !

Saying that, this is another interesting snippet of information - though I am not sure if it can be used in any good way - btw - it does describe a way of doing remote development on standalone and how to move objects to your development environment it may have some uses !

Jon Steel

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David Robertson

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Hi Jon :)

Although the description is a bit flakey, it does appear to be exactly how we manage remote development.

Cheers mate.
David Robertson
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