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how to display attachment icon?


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the records in my grid in the headerless detail form has attachments. How do I display the attachment icon for each record if it has attachment in the grid so people know there's an attachment for that record so they can click on it to add/modify attachments in the grid please?
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You have to pick a GT DSTR. Depending on the form there are base E1 ones (GT4201A looks at F4201 records for example)

Once you have your data structure(or make one), in FDA , go to your grid form and in the main menu there is Media Objects Setup

Click that then Enable Automatic Media Object Functionality

Row Level defaults on the rfight, click Define Row Key
Pick your GT structure
Define and map the GC fields to find the paperclip.
I can't remember what display mode / edit mode do but the clue maybe the name

In the grid untick Hide Row Headers

Then, and this is the important bit, have fun :)