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In our organization we have set up roles with security for E1 users. For some roles, we ran into an issue where the best solution seemed to be to create a Personal Form UDO that would be assigned to the role(s).

In this scenario, users in these roles need to be able to run a specific application that is currently accessible via a row exit in an application. This in itself is not a problem. The problem is that there are other items in the row exit menu for that application that users in these roles have no need to use. Furthermore, if these other functions were to be used, even accidentally, it could cause transactional changes to production data that could be difficult to correct.

Since Personal Forms UDOs allow for modification of the form appearance and the ability to hide items in the form and row exit menus, this seems to be a good solution. So, I built a Personal Form UDO where the only thing I changed was removing row exit menu items users should not be allowed to access. All well and good.

The problem I'm running into is that I can't seem to prevent a user with the role from selecting the Personal Form dropdown on the application header and selecting the "(No Personalization)" form, which brings back all of the row exit menu items.

Is there a security setting somewhere that allows me to control this?
Unless I'm missing something you should be able to apply exit (hyper exit) security (type 6) to the application for any exits you don't want them to use. Pretty straight forward. If you need something more on this let me know.
Haven't looked into hyper exit security before. What does this do? I looked at the "set up" for it (i.e. Hyper Exit Security - P00950|W00950M), but don't understand what I'm dealing with.
Hmm, hyper exit security worked for the original issue, but now I've run into a new one that has nothing to do with exits.
In this case, I just removed form fields from the query section. Additionally, I'd like to use a query in conjunction with the personal form.
The problem is that I don't see any way to stop the user from switching to the "no personalization" form or the "all records" query at the top of the form.


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I'm not sure about working with the form a developer would probably be a better person to give you help. There is also security to lock certain fields but it sounds like you still want them to be able to use those fields. Sorry I can't offer more help. Glad you were able to figure out the hyper exit security.
I see the topic is from a while ago, but going to try. I am exactly facing the same issue, created a personal form for a concrete role but would like to block the personal form display, so they cannot change to "(no personalization)". By any chance, did you manage to solve the issue? Thanks in advance for any help