How Long Does it Take to Promote XE Update 3


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I am preparing to promote XE Update 3. I'd like to get an idea on how long it is going to take to promote it from DV7333 to PY7333. Can someone give me a ballpark figure on how long it takes?

More specifically I would like to know how long it took if your configuration is similar to the one we have. We will be doing the promote from a dual processor, Intel P3 box with 4GB of memory. The Central Objects are located on AS/400 with quad processors and 6GB of memory. The data center is on a 100MB backbone.

When I promoted XE Update 1 it took about 3 days.

JD Nowell
OW: B7332
ES: AS400 V4R4 CO: DB2/400 SP: 11.2
Users: 250 TSE Users: 100


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We promoted Xe Update 3 from PY to PD recently. It took just 4 to 6 hours definitely though I can't remember the exact duration.
Our config is;
DS - Win2000 SP1,Intel 800 Mhz, 1GB Mem
ES - Win2000 SP1,SQL2000, 4xPIII, 4GB Mem.
Central objects are in ES.

Husni Ameen