How Get Nedia Objet to print on UBE



Good day

I made a custom application where annexes charge, now want to print these annexes (texts only) in a UBE, adding Annex I'm using ACCGT, but I could not get them to print.

Any help is welcome

Jose Vargas
E1 9.0 - TR 9.1 on Win 2012 64. Oracle DB 11gR2
WebLogic 11g, Wintel
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Have a look at the ER for R03B505. It has a processing option to print any attached text.

There are also a lot of posts on JDEList about printing text media objects. I'm sure with a little searching, in combination with the ER for R03B505, you'll be able to do what you need.

PS. The downloads forum is not really appropriate for this post. The Developers forum would be better.
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