How can I use JDE as READ ONLY ?

Messias Barros


I have a challenge in my company and i'd like to listen the JDE list members.

I need to put the JDE as read only, it means the user will use JDE , but can't change the business data and control tables.

I am planning the tasks below:

1) Use Button Security for blocking the Insert/delete/OK button;
2) Revoke update/insert/delete in the Business table and Control table in the database;

Do you see the other way that i can follow ?
Is there a parameter or feature in the JDE that i can let JDE as read only ?

Thanks by answers.
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I think Security is better option. Its better to create role and assign to users. Incase company plans to change anything in future also, it can be handled easily.

I think I would do this by role as someone else suggested and at the application level like you planned to do by disabling the various buttons. Keep in mind though that there could be form and row exits that could trigger an action to modify data. So I would probably go on an application by application basis and only give applications as needed.

I would be careful about globally revoking update/insert/delete at the database level. There may be some applications that need to build work table data (temporary data) or other database writes in order to simply view the data. W/O the ability to write to the database some applications may not work correctly.

For example to simply view a sales order or a purchase order the application is going to write a business object reservation record to F00095 and delete when the user exits the order.
Hello Boster and Ankit Kathpalia,
Thanks by answers i appreciated a lot.
I liked of the idea to create a new role , close the access and move the users to this role.
I am studying what are the applications, which use the temporary tables and I wiil check what it will be the treatment for them.
Let me know if you heard about parameters or feature that i need to install to JDE became read only.