How can I do a complete cycle of Finace module on JDE Standalone Demo 9.1/ 9.2


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I want to learn functional side of JDE(Financial), as I want to migrate from a technical consultant to techno-functional.
I use all the resources, including documentation and UPKs.
One my issues is that I don't know where to start.

Please guide someone to start with Financial module, like creating a complete life cycle of financial operations on JDE Standalone Demo 9.1/ 9.2


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In my opinion and based upon many years of experience in the JDE space one is either functional or technical as a main description of skillset. Then there are those that have a tech leaning and so they can identify in that way but they might not be a developer 100%. You will have more value and be able to relate to Functional owners if you maintain your Technical standing, but learn the business side of the Finance functional modules for example so that you will be able to communicate more effectivly with the end users in those areas and you will help them to turn their needs into workable and practical solutions.

One way to begin to learn the Finance modules is to begin with the various Guides (as bad as they are known to be) but at least these can familiarize you with the module the same as the end users know it.


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Being a techie, you have an advantage of looking into the code and figure out what is happening. This helps to find out minute/deep issues, which a functional cannot. But what a functional guy knows is the business process which you might not be aware. But whenever any tech development is being done, if you try to understand "why" part of it then you will slowly learn as to why a particular thing is being done. Also, develop a habit of trying to go into user's shoes and whenever you get an opportunity to talk to them, you can try to understand the business process. Try to see a bigger picture rather than focusing on the specific object only. Try to understand business process diagrams wherever available and try to relate your work as to where you are working in the overall bigger picture.