Hide a maintenance report from View Job Status



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I call a maintenance report on the Report Header of a master update report to synchronize data in a custom Z file.
But the end user is getting a wonder while seeing this maintenance report entry in View Job Status application.

How can I hide this maintenance report from View Job Status ? I could not move all the logic to a business function because it is too big.
Not really. How many job queues do your users use? Assuming user defined queries are available in 8.12 WSJ (I don't have an 8.12 system on hand to check so I can remember if 8.12/8.98 has this feature like 9.1 does) then you could have a default query that limits the user to only certain job queues and then force the sub report to be submitted to a job queue they wouldn't normally see. Alternatively if they only use a single job queue you could change the sort order of the grid so they don't see the alternative queue at the top of the grid.

My first answer to the users would be to get over it but depending on internal company politics this may not be an option...
Who is meant to review this maintenance report if not the user running the report?
You are running the maintenance report inline, or asynchronously?
Do you want the output from it at all?

1. Presuming you don't want the report, I would suggest a BSFN, "too big" aka "too lazy"?
2. Presuming you don't want the report, change the report to have no output, which will require deleting and recreating the versions.
3. If you want the report, you would need to find some way to launch the report as a different user, such as a subsystem job or a call LaunchUBE.
Hi Rauf,

Another option would be to use the Report Header to only add records (that you need) to either a log file or another custom table and not create a report output. Then you can run a report later.

Ben again,
I would do what Dave suggests above. Launch the job under a different user or even in a new queue that their profiles do not have access to.