Hawkeye Pathfinder - issue with Job Implosion *CPR and JDE World A73 ???


Is anyone using Hawkeye Pathfinder with JDE A73?

I am running the Hawkeye Pathfinder Job Implosion with Max Level as *CPR (in batch to an outfile) and the run times are very very high (Hours)
I end up cancelling the job, because I have no idea when the job will end.
Was wondering maybe I need some special setup for JDE World in Hawkeye

Was poking around in Hawkeye setup and noticed, there is an omit list on the setup screen to list program to omit from Xref build in Hawkeye, etc
Maybe some JDE programs should be listed there to be omitted??

Possibly Hawkeye is interpreting JDE as having recursive calls?

Just a guess, any help is appreciated