I am trying to automatically connect to an external web page when a fix / inspect form loads. I build a dynamic URL in the post initialization event and execute a push button event that runs the go to URL function. Everything seems to work except the go to url, it either doesn't execute or it errors out (not sure which). If I manually press the button when the form is finished loading the external connection works fine. I there some other event that I should be using or is this just not possible ?


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My implementation is a probably more complicated than what you have but the outlines are the same.
I've had issues over the years/releases with the GoTo URL sometimes being sensitive about where it's executed from.
I think I first used it in a Post Dialog Initialized event and it worked fine until the next major release came along and I had to move the actual call to GoTo URL to a pushbutton. At some point I think that had issues and now the push button invokes a Form/Row exit to call the GoTo URL.

Net, net when you finally find the right combination its solid until the next major release, but finding the right combo can be frustrating.


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Goto URL works for me when coded into Post Dialog is Initialised on my FAT client NOT on thin
Go to URL("www.bbc.co.uk")

Use B34A1030 Call External Program and pass in
iexplore.exe www.bbc.co.uk

That works on both FAT and Thin
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Because our db server is an iseries call external program will not work on the web. For now we are presenting the users with a window with one button on it to connect to the URL. Hopefully, Go To URL will be stabilized at some point so that it can be used in the way that we want without a tools upgrade breaking it.


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I don't know but that's a good point if iexplore isn't installed there

The point is that it would be running on a server, forget if IE is installed there or not. You want the system function goto url to effectively render client side in the clients browser. We have used goto url in several places and never had any issues although not sure we ever did this on from initialization, it probably was a button the user pressed after the form was loaded in all situations.

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Hi billscros.
What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Some time ago I needed to create a Fix Inspect that would show an image of the item we were opening. I accomplished that doing the following:
- Created a Fix Inspect Form
- Added a Media Object Control to it
- On "Post Dialog Is Initialized", I added three function calls: (I actually wrapped it inside a button, but did call the Press Button from Post Dialog Is Initialized).

0001 //
0002 Hide the Viewer Icon Panel(FC Media Object 13, <Yes>)
0003 Delete Item(FC Media Object 13, <First Text Item>)
0004 Insert URL(FC Media Object 13, <Blank>, "[Enter the URL or assign a Variable with the Dynamic URL]")

That would load the contents of the URL on the Media Object control. Not sure if this is what you need to do, it will not for sure open another browser page, but depending on what you trying to do that could be useful.


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You could always prop up a Windows ES and map a custom function to make things simpler?

Just tossing more dirt into the mud. Eventually it will thicken up to a solution?



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Won't B34A1030 attempt to execute on the server in a web environment?

It should work as I'm guessing he uses IE to launch the web page of his APPL anyway.
I've used that BSFN for so many things on the web server over the years

Even calling DOS commands and swapping/copying files to change a jpeg image on the screen


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Actually it shouldn't work at all in a Web Environment as far as affecting things on the client.
You can use it quite safely in a UBE to do things such as copy files on a server, but its going to execute on the Enterprise/Batch server - not on the Web Server and definitely not on the client.