E9.1 Getting Memory Violation when BSFN calling BSSV. But BSSV is completing successfully


I have a custom UBE which calls a custom BSFN. The custom BSFN calls a BSSV which calls a Third party Web service. UBE is calling the business function and BSFN is calling the BSSV correctly. The BSSV is also calling the 3 party web service correctly and retrieved the result. BSSV is trying to send back the result to BSFN but BSFN is not able to retrieve it. The UBE issues a memory violation. The BSFN call object kernel goes to Zombie with out any dump after 10 mins(time out setup)

--UBE--[0]-- EventRule : Business Function custumeBusinessFunction at line 26 for Event 13 in Section On Order Number has caused a memory violation.

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Based on what you have told us you most likely have a bug in your BSFN. I know that sounds obvious but w/o anything else that is all the help I can give. Debug the BSFN and see where it crashes. You should also include your tools release and other relevant information. Could be a problem with your tools release, but I have created several consumer BSSVs across several tools releases w/o issue so, again, it is most likely a problem with your C code in the BSFN.