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Get UDC Description in Crystal Reports

Parag K

Can Any one help me how to get UDC description in Crystal report.

I have one table column Location Code (ex. 101, 102, 103) for this there is UDC in JDE 55/CL which has description for this codes...

I need to display the description from UDC 55/CL to crystal report....

Please help...
my email id is parag.kathare@gmail.com

Parag Kathare


Legendary Poster
From Crystal how are you accessing the Database?

- Directly using ODBC or OLEDB?
- Using JDE Connector?
- Using OneWorld ODA ODBC?

and lastly . . . what versions of JDE are you rinning and database/version?

Parag K

I am acessing the database through JDE connector.
When I login to Crystal under create new connection it shows me "JDE Enterprise One", I use that as my source..

I am using JDE E811 and Crystal Report XI R2...

Is there any config which i need to do....

How I will know in crystal that, one data dictionary item or table column is attached with UDC....

Please Help...

Parag Kathare

Parag K

Can any one help me how to access individual crystal report in JDE Enterprise One Menu...

If anyone can give the steps, it will be more helpful....

Parag K

Hi Larry...

Can you help me ...how i can supress line in crystal reports...like we supress in JDE using "Supress Section Write"


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There are two solutions. One is to configure the ODBC connection to provide them instead of the code. You'll find this in Configure Data Source under the ODBC Data Source Administrator. The other (more useful imho) is to fetch them in a sub report and bring them back. this lets you retain the code for sort/select purposes but show the description on the printed page.

Supressing sections is found in the section expert. report/section expert