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Our company has a few of its subsidiaries running their financials on a
small PC package (Solomon). There is a current management initiative to get
all company subsidiaries on the JDE financials. For history, the desire is
just to convert account balances (F0902) from 1997 forward from the PC
software to JDE on the AS/400. Are there any good JDE tools for
accomplishing such a conversion? We had been hoping to do something via a
spreadsheet upload to the AS/400. Or perhaps we are stuck writing a
conversion program? Any help or advice is welcome.

We are on A7.2 cum 9.

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I recall a company we did some work for that converted off Soloman and did the very same thing. You should be able to upload the monthly buckets into F0911Z1 and use JDE's P0911Z1 program to create the account balances. I don't have the details of the process but I'm sure you can find them easily either on this list or on the KG.

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Read about uploading F0911Z1 files, this will make your transations much
easier and you may not need to write conversion pgm's.
One you upload to Z1 files, JDE have a batch pgm to populate all needed
Hope this will help.

Emad Banoub
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presumably, you just want the historic data (ie pre-conversion date) for
reporting and inquiry purposes ?

Given that there would inevitably be an integrity discrepancy between
the F0902 balances and (the lack of) F0911 records, you might consider
treating the 1997-2000 balances as a pseudo budget, and use the standard
upload routine for creating budgets from spreadsheets &/or flat file
data. You might need to think carefully about the level of detail at
which to hold this old data.

From memory, I think that this involves the F14112 file and the DREAM
Writers on the G1421 menu. You could define a specific ledger type, such
as HA, to hold this data; any reports used to provide previous year
comparatives - such as FASTRs - would then be run over both the AA
(current) and HA (historic) ledgers.

Let me know if you require any further info.

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