FW: OW: Version Check In


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> OW B7322 sp12.2, NT dp srvr, AS/400 ent srvr, Sql 6.5 hotfix 423
> coexistent World A73 Cum 8
> In an effort to clean up versions before a full package build, I have a
> huge list of versions for my users to check in. When we perform the
> check-in, a database central objects window appears but only for every
> other check-in. If I enter the JDE user and password the check-in will
> proceed. Then the next check-in will work fine. It is consistently every
> other check-in.
> We use security server and have been able to duplicate the problem with
> different workstations, different OneWorld user id's, as well as those
> with different security server id's. This happens even logged in as JDE.
> I don't want to give users the JDE or security server passwords, so I'm
> looking for suggestions. If all else fails, I'll have to go to each
> workstation and check in the 400+ versions myself. Yikes! I have called
> JDE and have an open call ticket but thought I'd see if anyone out there
> has had the same experience. Thanks in advance for any help you can
> share!
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