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Dear List,

We just installed OneWorld Xe several weeks ago and now we are looking at electronic form software. We would like inclusion of such product for our OneWorld implementation. I would like to get some ideas of which software you use for generating forms. The only two I'm aware of are: Optio and JetForm.

Any input will be appreciated.

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Just curious: Is there a reason why you are moving away from JetForm?


> We are looking at Ariba for workflow, forms, etc. We are going to move away
from JetForm.



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Our understanding is that you can't readily take JetForm data and push it
into One World, or take OW data and plunk it into JetForm.

Dave Mallory


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JDE has certified 4 products that integrate with OneWorld to handle forms.
These products are the following:

Create!Print International
Form Scape
Jet Forms
Optio Software

There are other products out there but these are the ones that are already
supposed to integrate with OneWorld. Check the Knowledge Garden for document
ID: ott-99-0042, this document gives a brief synopsis of each product. We
are not currently using any document/form management product but we may in
the future.

To handle the PDF output in the mean time, we have created a seperate UBE
output directory on a seperate file server for each user that is mapped in
their login script. 'Local' reports no longer sit on workstations but sit on
the file server.

Colin Dawes

Colin Dawes, MSc
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JetForm and OneWorld ( OW)

I noticed someone wrote that you can not plunk OW data into JetForm or Push
JetForm Data into OW.

I think some people may not understand how these products interface to OW.

JetForm is intended to improve the way you present information. In Print,
E-mail, WEB, or Fax. They focus on Output. OneWorld Produces Output. JetForm
makes it look better and automates the distribution and presentation of the
output. ( JetForm also has E-Forms Work Flow software, according to Gartner
they had about 86% share of this market in 1998.) However, the product that
is used with OneWorld in used to improve Output. Merge OW PDF with e-forms
etc. This product can produce PCL, PS, HTML, XML, PDF, ASCII output form a
Spool File or OW PDF and distribute via Print, Fax, E-mail, WEB or Archive.

OneWorld comes with the RDA ( Report Design Aid) This report writer is
tightly integrated to OneWorld. Many people over look the importance of the
tight integration of the report writer and the application. JDE made a
serious effort to make the RDA as robust as possible. Many people over look
the complexity of printing, faxing, e-mailing and WEB enabling production
output. If all your looking for is Overlay technology you may be satisfied
with the RDA output and it's power.

There are a lot of Electronic Forms Software Packages on the Market. JetForm
is one of the oldest and largest companies (1982) and public since 1992.
Their e-forms solutions is very robust.

The OneWorld interface for JetForm is called PDF Wizard. It can read a OW
PDF File and import it into the E-Forms Design tool ( This single design
tool ( Windows Based WYSIWYG) is used for all platforms and is used to
design Forms, Checks, Bar Code Labels and improve the looks of Reports
designed in with the RDA ). In production mode no operator intervention is
required to merge OW PDF with Forms, Checks, Reports or Labels.

There is really no way to compare a product like JetForm and PDF Wizard with
the RDA. They have some similar functions and produce printed output. But
that is where the similarities end. JetForm is designed to take Spool Files,
PDF Files ( from OneWorld and intelligently merge them with a form, report,
check, or Bar Code Label. The power and flexibility of this merge is not
understood by most people. Most people think printing a Logo on the page is
what constitutes an Electronic Form.


Using Dynamic Data Driven Logic from the Spool or PDF file, these packages
place logo's, signatures, product images and forms segments on a page by
page basis. They convert text to barcode, perform calculations,
concatenation and even Language translation. These packages can look in the
spool file or PDF for Fax or E-mail information, sort a large batch file
into individual documents and then transmit them via fax or e-mail ( print
them if these fields are blank, or do a database look up to retrieve the fax
or e-mail info). Give each attachment a Data Driven Name and make it look
much better than the original. One major advantage of PDF Wizard is IOR
Intelligent Output Reduction) this feature can reduce the number of pages
you print, fax, e-mail and archive up to 66% over standard OW output.
Imagine a 10,000 page output printing on only 4,000 pages and being easier
to read, clear and concise. Not to mention the saving in disk space and band
width to transmit or archive it.

These packages also should be able to expand the distribution selections
beyond OneWorlds defaults for designated printers. Use Brach ID's, Employee
Numbers etc. to cause a unique distribution of the output to one or multiple

J.D. Edwards has focused at producing Business Software for more than two
decades. JetForm has focused on Electronic Document Print and Output for
almost two decades. It is no wonder that their technology is so powerful
and they are both leaders in their fields of business.

I hope this helps some of you see the difference between a simply overlay on
a page and true electronic document software.

Steve Luke