For first time Full package 9.1.5 not getting submitted from deployment server


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Followed below steps:
1.Recently have installed deployment server and enterprise server
2.Full package immediately going into error.
attached "client full build log"
3 suspected not applied latest planned ESU. So downloaded latest planner ESU and applied
4. I could not see R9622c and R9621S(introduced in 9.1.5 tools release).
5.Full package not getting submit from deployment server. When i go to package build application and clicking on " Submit" ,next screen not showing ( like submit UBE on screen)
Please help.


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Hi Babu

Some very quick suggestions - you probably have quite a few more issues :

1. Unclick the BSSV Service package build first of all - you can follow up later with a BSSV package once you have jdeveloper installed
2. Ensure you have Visual Studio 2010 installed and that your paths are correct and that the JDE.INI is also configured to use Visual Studio 2010
3. Ensure you have installed the correct tools release on all servers AND that you have correctly applied the planner ESU at minimum and run all special instructions
4. Are you trying to do this from the deployment server ? If so, I noticed that the Deployment Server has a name > 10 characters. I would suggest renaming your deployment server to 10 characters or less
5. Check your jde.log to see what errors are being generated

Hope those are helpful. I would also ensure you open a call with and ensure that someone from oracle is also helping you step through your issues.