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Hi Shahroz,

Okay, thanks I'll try that. Seems to make sense.

Just one thing, the ideal situation would be to redisplay the screen without the yellow warning icon showing too - I dont want to make it look like there is any error out there. Any ideas as to how i could do this. It seems to me I need to avoid using the send error system function.


OneWorld B733 SP11.3 using Oracle Database
Use the "Suppress Add" System Function in the "Ok" button...
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Subject: Fix / Inspect adding records

> Hi List,
> Hope one of you can help me.
> I am working on a FIX/INSPECT form that is adding records when I click the
OK button. Thats okay, but under certain circumstances I want to redisplay
the screen with new values (the user will have to click OK again to finally
add the details to file). So I've tried lost of things but to no avail.
The only option I'll mention here that Ive tried (but honest Ive tried
loads - some being just a way to try and trick the program) is to add in the
STOP PROCESSING system function option in the OK BUTTON CLICKED event rule.
I thought that should do it - but no. The details get added to file and the
screen gets redispayed with all fields blank ready for the next set of
> Has anyone come across this problem and how did they get around it?
> Thanks in advance.
> OneWorld B733 SP11.3 using Oracle Database
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No, I tried that too.

I also tried Cancel User Transaction - even though I did'nt think that would have any effect as I did'nt start a 'transaction'. I take it this transaction business stuff meant commitment control.

OneWorld B733 SP11.3 using Oracle Database


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FYI, here is an extraction from the OneWorld help pertaining to the SupressAdd system function:
=========== Extraction from OneWorld Help ============================

First Available: N/A
Last Modified: B73.3

SuppressAdd prevents a database record from being added by the interactive runtime engine.



Return Values

Return Value Description
None This does not return a value
Special Handling Instructions and Prerequisites

This is used to prevent a form record or a grid record from being added. To prevent adding a form record, this system function must be called during the AddRecordtoDB-Before event rule. Any calls to the system function prior to that time will be ignored.
To suppress the addition of a grid record, this system function must be called during the AddGridRecordtoDB-Before event rule. Any calls to the system function prior to that time will be ignored.

So, you can issue this call only in the AddRecordtoDB-Before event.

Good luck
do not forget to share your results on the List/Forum. Thx.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Another option would be to disable the OK button on entry and then have a
hyper-exit something like Validate which the user must first push to enter
your new values and enable the OK button. This method is used in JDE in the
SO configured string application.

Ben (again)