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Fiscal Period

Help! Help!
I am developing reports for a client and have the need to input (via processing options) a date range for my data. From this I need to translate these into fiscal periods to use in extracting data from F0902 buckets. I have been trying to use the Business Function X0903, but seem unable to get output. I am working on Xe B7333, service pack 16; Sql Server. Please help me as I am becoming truly desperate.

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Not sure if I understand your question correctly.

1. Create a <group section> (must be the first section on your report).
2. Use data dictionary and add date variable(s) to this section (They must
be GLOBAL variables)
dtStartDate_UPMJ - gv: Jan 01, 2001
dtEndDate_UPMJ - gv: Feb 01, 2001

3. Add codes in the <do section> to assign processing option values to
these variables
dtStartDate_UPMJ - gv = PO Start_Date
dtEndDate_UPMJ - gv = PO End Date

4. Now you can set your report's data selection to select data from these

Hope this help
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Don't Die David :)

Take a look at N0000562, "F0008 Retrieve Fiscal Date Pattern". This should be close to what you want.


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