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I have made a simple Find/Browse Form that is attached to a Business View for F0411. I have the Batch Number as a Text Field and all of the Fields from the Business View are in the Grid. When the user presses the "Find Button", I want the form to find all matches in the Business View rows that match the Batch Number entered and populate the Grid. I have already set the Batch Number Text Field to "=" and allow "*".

Inside the ER for the Find Button, I have chosen TableIO->Adavanced->Select All and it puts a line of code "SelectAll" in the code pane, but I have no idea what to do after that (Not even sure if this correct).

I would also need to know how to make the QBEs for certain columns in the Grid find matches and populate as well.

I will continue to look on the Internet, but I have not found anything thus far and finally decided to come here and post the question.
Hi My understanding over your requirement is that - You want a Find Browse form to see all F0411 records in the Form grid filtered by Batch Number. To achieve this what you have done is correct. No need for any ER in Find Button. Simply do
"Create a Find/Browse Form that is attached to a Business View for F0411.
2. Place the Business View field Batch Number on the Form
3. Set the Batch Number Text Field to "=" and allow "*". This will do. Enable QBE in the Grid Column properties.

Hope this helps. Venky
I suggest you start reading the Development Tools document.
It gives you all the information you need.
It is the alphabet that every serious developer starts with.
If possible, take the Development Tools classes - they'll help you build the development skills event better/faster.
e1, thanks for the response. I deleted my form/browse and started from scratch and did exactly what you said and my form is still not searching for records when the find button is pressed. I am testing the application by going Form->Test on the FDA menu.

Adrian, where would I find the Development Tools Documentation? Right now I am referencing the book "J.D. Edwards One World - A Developer's Guide".

I will continue to research this, thanks for the help.
Have you tried running your form normally? The test function inside FDA
doesn't give you a fully functional test of your form. I never remember
what will and won't work, so I seldom use it other than for a quick
layout check.

Try checking with someone in CNC to see if they have the OneWorld
documentation CD. You can also download all of the documentation from
the Oracle site.

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Re: RE: Find Button Event Rule Question

Eyedeak, running it normally was the answer, thanks.
it will not work from From--> Test

try it from Design Tool-->Run the application, it will work,i mean u can set this form as a entry point and run application, it will be OK

From--> did not work, i tried the same, not working