File Decimals vs Display Demicals


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In my previous post on Decimals, I was pointed to documentation on the Knowledge Garden. However this doc was for A73 and we are on Xe. My question is, in the doc for A73 there is a note to "Never change the file decimals", does anyone know if this holds true for Xe. And what the ramifications are if you change the File decimals for a data item. We are currently in the Dev enviroment and are trying to work through some decimal issues. The file decimals have been changed for a few data items.

I am having trouble locating documentation for Xe on this.

Thanks, your response is greatly appreciated


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Most of the numeric data fields are carried in the raw JDE data files with
no decimals... in many cases the conversion of this data is hard coded in
the JDE programs. You have no way of knowing where you might need to make
programming changes to eliminate any problems that might be eminent.