Feature: Advanced preference for information/warning/error messages in SO entry



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Hi all!
I have asked for an enhancement request to be raised to give us functionality to defined error / information / warning messages based on customer/order/item data
Please see the details below. I would ask you to mark this bug as a "favorite" if you would like to see this functionality in future releases

Link : https://support.oracle.com/epmos/fa...afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=1513kchx2t_14


This Enhancement is a request for a new advance preference to be used with P42101 Sales order entry.Create a new advanced preference to be used in order to display error/warning/informational messages in sales order entry. This should be relatively easy to implement using existing preferences logic.

This preference should be able to use the advanced customer/item groups and order detail groups.
Preference detail key fields should be at least company, order type,branch/plant and the preference details would hold:
- The actual text to be shown to the user
- Definition if the message is informational (show text only), warning ("yellow" warning) or error ("red" error)

Currently, advanced pricing (mandatory price adjustments) and advanced next status preferences are often used to stop users from entering orders that are incomplete or incorrect (wrong order type/customer type combination and similar).
The aim has been to produce an error "mandatory price adjustment missing" or "next status incorrect" when a predefined condition exists / does not exist and thereby preventing the user from entering an incorrect sales order.
The Enhancement request is for a better way to implement these types of checks in sales order entry.

Aarto Reponen
It is one very good enhancement request, but just checked, no update from Oracle till now 2021.