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FDA:Set Selection


I am trying to learn more about ER - set selection. I've created a simple Find/Browse form over view V42119E. I've added IVD - Invoice Date as a filter equal to and on the grid, i've put DOCO, DCTO, and IVD. What I want to do is select all invoices on a particular day for order type "SZ". So, inside "Find - Button Clicked", I've added "Set Selection Append Flag(FC Grid, <Yes>)" and "Set Selection(FC Grid, "F42119", BC Order Type(F42119)(DCTO), <Equal To>, "SZ", <And>). Then went to "Preview - Run" to see if i can see only the SZ order type records. However, the grid is showing all invoices with the given invoice date. I was expecting to see only "SZ" orders.

What am I doing wrong? (in 9.2)




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Do you have DCTO as a header FC field and does it have an * in it?

If so it's adding the where = ALL to your select statement.
Did you debug it to see the select generated?


DCTO is not on as the header FC field. For some reason, the jdedebuglog file does not have any entries for F42119.


I am answering my own question. Found the solution while looking at the source code for P4210. My mistake was on the alias field. i should have put the literal "DCTO" instead of "BC Order Type(F42119)(DCTO)".


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The other ways to do it rather than using the set selection are : put a FC field for DCTO , go to properties and filter options and type and choose the operator and you can also choose wildcard . Then in the Post dia even assign the FC with that SZ DCTO and press find . You can keep filter fields hidden .

Other way is to have simply the grid on find browse , you can also use another runtime DSTR like QC which is for QBE column populate it and that can act as filter too .