Fat Client Slow


Hi all,

I am having a problem in JDE fat client, It hangs for some time and than running fine, It's a continuous process.

Please suggest
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Which is your EnterpriseOne release? If you have a client with oracle database installed locally and problem is performance, try to rebuild statistics for db installed locally.

Which antivirus have you installed locally?
Thanks for rply Luigi,
I already rebuild all statistics in oracle.We are using 9.0.
See problem is the system is slow, and everyday (not at any particular time) whenever, the system is getting extremely slow and at the end unavailable for a few minutes, and it's getting ok after, without any particular process to solve it.
Recently we have implemented DR(Disaster Recovery) for E1, from that day system getting slow. is it the issue..? i am not able to rectify it.
but web is working fine issue related with all fat clients only.

Vipin Dubey
You have to isolate it if its Windows issue or E1. When you say DR are you backing up the fat clients also?. You might want to turn off Anitvirus and check if that helps. If its related to E1 best is to run the logs so you can check the logs for the time when systems goes slow.

There could be SO many different reasons why your fat client is slow vs a web client. You are comparing two completely different things - BUT you ARE kind of eliminating the fact that the shared resources (ie, the data) is a factor.

What you need to do first is to turn on debug logging and try out a couple of scenarios and then run the performance workbench utilities over the logs. Now, running with debug turned on might slow down your fat client enough that it might not freeze up - but from what you've stated, you're likely going to see performance issues with debug turned on and the debug log will at least indicate where the issue is.

Your client configuration is a major factor in all of this - ie, what operating system and where is your client located - is it a physical machine or is it virtual - if remotely connected, perhaps the "freezing" is due to the remote control software and its not really anything to do with JDE ? If it IS JDE - is it slowing down when you start up applications - ie, are there too many update packages deployed to the fat clients and its time for a full package ? There are a lot of questions because there are a lot of components involved - and you really need to talk to your CNC and they should be easily able to indicate exactly where your performance issue is.