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Failed opening '/home/virtual/site1.......


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Failed opening \'/home/virtual/site1.......

Dear jdePeople,

I'm using two PCs at work; on one of them I can't get your site - there's a Warning (see subject line).
Why is that? I've deleted the jdelist cookie, but still can't open your site.

On the other one - no problemo!

Thank you,


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Re: Failed opening \'/home/virtual/site1.......

Hello All,

I will post this in the correct place now!

I have the same problem. I have cleared history, cookies etc.. on both machines but I still cannot access the JDEList website from my machine running XP windows but can from windows 2000.

Anybody else getting this too?


Andrew Holder


Re: Failed opening \'/home/virtual/site1.......

This is almost always a cookie issue. Delete any cookie that refers to jdelist.com, ubbthreads.com, ubb.com or wwwthreads.com.
Try changing your flag and language to US and English. If you are able to get on successfully, you can then change it back to your preference.


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Re: Failed opening \'/home/virtual/site1.......


Now works ok. I think it needed the good old reboot before it worked. Many thanks for the advice.