F4211 Edit Line for Non-Stock lots

Juan Leon

Dear Forum

Because of a join venture with another business we are under the need of interconnecting our JDE system with another Oracle-based custom software. We would like to send goods from sites of our partner to our sites and we have thought that a good way of doing it would be creating a new branch/plant and create trunks (ST) to send lots from their system to ours.

The problem we are facing is that the F4211FSEditLine function is constantly checking the lot using the "VerifyAndGetItemLocation" function, which obviously fails because the lot is not on our system. Has anybody faced this issue before? Could you advise what the parameters or configuration you have made to achieve this?



Ps: B7334/S23, MS Database, Windows OS
I'm not sure I understand what your new branch/plant is supposed to represent...is it your partner's branch? Or a branch to where you'll receive their product?

If the partner branch, you would have to keep inventory in JDE of their inventory...in which case, the inventory in that new branch would/should have the lot information.

I am not sure an E1 transfer order is good fit unless you are actually keeping inventory of your partner's product in your E1 system.

Have you looked at creating standard PO's and receiving their product into your E1 system?

The actual implementation is dependent on how you do business. There are financial considerations, too, when dealing with cross-company product movement (if, indeed, this type of transaction is considered E1 inter-company).