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F3111.WMCPNB on multiple LOTNs for the same ITM


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Hi folks,

Hard to explain so bare with me, again.............

I have a weird issue with a dcLinkWOInventoryIssues when a certain ITM maybe over more than 1 LOTN, it's never issuing to the 2nd F3111 line.

Site that have warehousing seem to be doing this with the F3111 data:
DOCO OPSQ BSEQ CPNB is a key but I am seeing CPNB is incremented like this 2.00 2.01 etc

Yet other sites that don't will not do that, they will be 2 3 6 7 14 etc. ND3N1113 works fine here however.

I am noticing that when we call ND3N1113 in sites that have that CPNB and have warehousing we seem to be always picking up the 2.00 line, even though we've passed in the LOTN etc. But the BSFN doesn't care, it seems to be going off DOCO OPSQ BSEQ CPNB

Does anyone know where E1 is getting the CPNB 2.00 2.01 from?

I know what the issue is as my .NET team always passes in 2 FLAT not 2.00 or 2.01 so this maybe the issue. We are testing this today.