Extract Media Object Text in UBE


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Hi Experts and Gurus,

I am having a Duh moment, and I have searched for an answer with no luck so far.

I have multiple text media objects for a single Business Unit stored in successive records (GDMOSEQN = 1, 2, 3,...) and can see the Blob text in GDTXFT field.

RDA has a system function to retrieve media object text via System Function | Media Objects | GT0006. I map Action=<Get Text>, Text=SomeVariable, szBusinessUnit=BC Value, but nothing to identify GDMOSEQN.

I remember when all subsequent text was stored either in text files or in F98MOQUE, but now that the data is in the F00165, you would think that Oracle would have updated their System Function accordingly.

Can anyone suggest a solution to grab each records text?

Ben again,
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There are multiple C APIs to iterate through and read all the attachments of any type including text.


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stock system function will only return the first text attachment. you'll be to drop into C (as brian eluded to) to do anything further.


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We have commercial software that can give you access to all texts. Unfortunately JDE UBE engine cannot handle text formatting, so it would all have to be in plain text. I wish they added some functionality for that...