E8.12 Media Object <Exist> functionality in UBE


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I need to generate a UBE showing that if an attachment exist for a purchase order. The media object is GT4301.
The issue is that, I could not see the <Exist> functionality while selecting the media object. I see only the <Get Text> functionality.


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0015 VA evt_GTNameObject = "GT4301"
0016 VA evt_MediaObjectLengthOfText = "0"
0017 F00165.Select
VA evt_GTNameObject = TK Object Name
VA frm_MediaObjectTextKey_TXKY = TK Generic Text Key
0018 F00165.Fetch Next
VA evt_MediaObjectLengthOfText <- TK Media Object - Length of Text

0021 If VA evt_MediaObjectLengthOfText is greater than <Zero>

Nothing wrong with your idea :)