1. E9.2 Oracle SQL F00165 coming with "0" at each character

    I created the following DB function, which I expect will retrieve the text from table F00165. (Usage in F00165): The problem is that it retrieves the text in the following BLOB format: This is an issue because when I convert this into CLOB, those zeroes are converted into "invisible"...
  2. How to insert blob content into F00165 via SQL from SQL server to Oracle database

    Hi All, we have some pdf files stored on SQL server in BLOB field and I need your help with insert this BLOB field to F00165 (Oracle database) via SQL. Program for copying from SQL server to Oracle database is written in C#. Thanks for your help. Petr
  3. Extract Media Object Text in UBE

    Hi Experts and Gurus, I am having a Duh moment, and I have searched for an answer with no luck so far. I have multiple text media objects for a single Business Unit stored in successive records (GDMOSEQN = 1, 2, 3,...) and can see the Blob text in GDTXFT field. RDA has a system function to...
  4. ybuffetaud

    R47011, F4714 and F00165.GDGTITNM

    Hi guys, do you know if there is a way to force R47011 to write GT4201A attachment with a spécific value for F00165.GDGTITNM? In our process (I wasn't there when it has been setup), we have distinct GDGTITNM values for GT4201A. Depending on these values attachment are printed or not in UBE's...
  5. Text Attachments on Firefox and Chrome

    Hi, We're facing a problem opening the text attachment with browser Firefox and Chrome (IE works fine). The strange thing is that only attachments with blank in field F00165.GDGTITNM can be opened directly and the rest only opening the rtf link. Does anyone have a suggestion for that? Thanks...