Excel integration with JDE through BPEL


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Can anybody recommend a consulting organization that has experience integrating Excel with JDE specifically using BPEL? We are now evaluating vendors for exactly such a project. I apologize if this is not the right forum for this thread.

We are on EOne 8.12 TR, OAS, Oracle, Windows 2003

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Are you looking for a finished product or something to build your own?

GL Associates, Cetova, Symtrax and others do have finished products.

Thanks DB for the suggestions. To clarify the requirement we need to take data from an excel file and insert/update it to JDE to perform a three-way voucher match by calling standard JDE BSFNs. Also I would like this to introduce us to SOA and make us start working with it. Thats the reason we intend not to do a stand-alone integration and want to use BPEL to orchestrate it. Hopefully this will be a foundation for something bigger. We unfortunately dont have the budgets to buy pre-packaged products such as EasyProcess else that would have been ideal for our requirement.

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Hi Shrikant

Try out SYSTIME they did exactly this for us and they have good knowledge about SOA and JDE

We are looking at BPEL as a tool for loading data from XML files in to E1 for creating sales orders.
Since we have no exposure to BPEL we would like to talk to someone who has used BPEL with E1.

E1 8.12 Tools 8.98
Indiana, USA
I'm working on Oracle SOA Suite and JDE Business Services from the first release, I'll be happy to help you trough this forum;

Bruno Condemi