Example of flat file for Forecast import into F3460Z1 using R47002C



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Hi all!

Does anyone have an example of flatfile format that can be used to import into F3460Z1 forecast interop table using R47002C?
I've read all documents i could find and have a file that should work but am "getting invalid format error"

Attached is one of the files i've used. It's just the same columns as in F3460Z1 but with "2" as first column (indicating it's a detail record)

We're on 9.1 on I-series..

Any help would be appreciated


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User needs to create an active record with P93081 > Work With Flat File Encoding.

The default encoding value should be CP1252.
Hi Saikiran! P93081 was already set up. I suspect the issue is with the file contents.. like how empty fields are represented
*** Therefore, i would appreciate if someone could share any flat file (regardless of destination table *** so i can verify that the delimiters are used correctly and that i have defined blank columns correctly. I assume numeric field should not be enclosed in quotes but not sure if these should be entered as ;0; or ;; if the value is blank for non-decimal numeric fields and ;.0; or ;; for numeric fields with decimals

Hi all! I got it to work when running R47002C locally... So the contents of the file is now correct. Now i just need to figure out why exactly same files that work when running R47002C locally still give "inavlid format" error when running on enterprise server (AS/400)
For info. Problem was resolved by selecting IBM-37 (EBCDIC) encoding in P93081