Event Rule Resources


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I'm a new user to JDE and experiencing some problems dealing with Event Rules. Anybody knows whether there are any resources to Event Rules where they have codes and tutorials, like what www.WebMonkey.com offers. It'll be very good for beginners like me who sweat the [censored] figuring out what to do!


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Welcome to the List, Samlsc,
Did you look into the Help Online, or have you tried the famous Documentation CD, under Technical\Development Tools\Event Rules?
What about SARs on the JDE's Knowledge Garden website, or just a Search on "ER, Event Rule, ... " into the JDEList archives?
The JDE OneWorld "Complete Reference" or "A Developer's Guide" advertised on this Forum are a good reference, too.
One would be amazed on how many versions / platforms / databases OneWorld runs on, therefore one may consider being wise enough to let others know his system configuration (see below).
What say you?

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