Euro conversion of F3102 Work Order Variance file


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Help! JD Edwards recommends closing all work orders prior to performing the
conversion of F3102 with the P3102E program.

Does a work-around exist? (perhaps a modification to P3102E?)

Closing all work orders and recreating them after the Euro conversion would
be a major task.
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I dont know about the Euro conversion but the reason may be because when you
attach the parts list and routing the cost is extended out and written not
only to the Variance file but also to the work order routing file. (F3112)
We ran into this when we did Year end cost roll and we did not want the new
costs to show up as a Variance.
What I ended up doing is telling them that they MUST close any work order
that has any compleations done on it. Work orders with partial compleations
MUST be closed out.
I then went threw and deleted ALL the attached bills and routings for the
remaining work orders. Cleared the Variance file for the same work orders.
Ran our cost rollup. Re-Attached the BOM's and Routings. It all seemed to
work out better by doing this.

I am not sure if this will help you at all but...........

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