Euro Conversion (Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, et al)


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To those of you doing business in Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland,
Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, and Greece:
keep the rest of us informed on the progress of your conversion of those
currencies to the Euro.

Deadline is 12/31/2001. We hope to convert before April of 2001.

I suppose many of you have already converted. If so, want to share with the
rest of us your observations?

I searched the JDELIST archives with keywords 'Euro' and 'E9' and did not
find any discussions of Euro conversions.

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I'm working at a client in Ireland at the moment and am going to convert their base currency to USD next weekend.

The F43008 doesn't convert and we have problems where balances by currency has been turned on and some b/fwd figures don't have currency field populated.

Apart from that for the basic modules E9 works quite well. Purge as much data as possible and if you only use the basic AR AP GL Purchasing etc. and have plenty of space a simple conversion to Euro should cause no problems.

Good Luck.


V7.3 CUM10 / E9