R:Euro conversion of F3102 Work Order Variance file


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your warning activated me a lot, since we've planned to move to EURO at the
next beginning of May...

The JDE business partner that is helping us with the project has already
moved to EURO several companies in northern Italy;
their response is that you don't have any need to close any work orders,
because of the EURO conversion : what you must do is just to make sure that
you POST every G/L transactions related to the closed work orders (closed
because they were finished !!!), which is very different, which makes more
sense and is also much easier to accomplish ...


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Oggetto: Euro conversion of F3102 Work Order Variance file

Help! JD Edwards recommends closing all work orders prior to performing
conversion of F3102 with the P3102E program.

Does a work-around exist? (perhaps a modification to P3102E?)

Closing all work orders and recreating them after the Euro conversion would
be a major task.