ESU JN12456 Issue


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Hi Fellow JDE Friends,

We are trying to install ESU JN12456, but getting error. Is anyone successfully installed ESU JN12456 (We are in JDE 9.2 & Tools :



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I have installed it without issue as part of fix current, but it was tools Do you have any other information/errors?


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Thanks for responding to my issue. Please find below the error message:

9080/9120 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Mon Mar 06 16:19:03.623002 jdb_exet.c13268
JDB9900428 - Failed to get new instance object or method ID

9080/9120 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject Mon Mar 06 16:19:03.623003 B98403X.c595
JDB_CopyXMLToTable failed - GT92002


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Looks like jdbj is not able to copy to the tables from the ESU to your database.
Do you have the required jdbc drivers and the entries in the jas.ini and jdbj.ini of the deployment server? Is this an issue with just this ESU? Are other esu withs with updates to tables working fine?