Error in Sending Email thru JDE


Hi All,

I have a requirement wherein I have to send emails with attachment through JD Edwards system. The Business Function used to achieve this is B500725 (Email Merge Letter). After configuring the SMTP server in the JDE.ini file on the local machine, I tried to run the UBE locally but I did not receive any mails.

For testing purpose I tried sending notification of the completed UBE jobs to my mail id but I am getting the following messages in the JDE.log file :-

4588/4272 UNKNOWN Wed Sep 24 02:29:20.033000 jdesmtp.c3699
SMTP_ParseServerResponse : The SMTP server returned an error
Response from the SMTP server is <550 5.7.1 Unable to relay

4588/4272 UNKNOWN Wed Sep 24 02:29:20.033001 jdesmtp.c1516
Leaving sendMimeMsgOnSMTPImpl with an error return code : <29>
4588/4272 UNKNOWN Wed Sep 24 02:29:20.033002 jdemosmtp.c408
SendMediaObjectOnSMTP : Failed in sendMimeMsgOnSMTP

4588/4272 UNKNOWN Wed Sep 24 02:29:20.033003 jdemsg.c1317
DoSendMessageSingleWithPref : Failed to send message via TRANSPORT_SMTP
4588/4272 UNKNOWN Wed Sep 24 02:29:20.033004 jdemsg.c968
DoSendMessageSingle : DoSendMessageSingleWithPref (1) Failed Address Book Number<50007422> Contact Number<0>.
4588/4272 UNKNOWN Wed Sep 24 02:29:20.033005 jdemsg.c540
sendMessageRecipient : Failed to Send Message
4588/4272 UNKNOWN Wed Sep 24 02:29:20.033006 Gt_msg.c514
DoSendMessageExt : Failed in DoSendMessageV2

Can anybody help me to locate what exactly might be the issue?

Thanks in anticipation.

Sumeet Chincholikar
This should probably be in the CNC forum.

Check your sending (JDE) server is allowed to relay by the email server.
Hi David,

Thanks for your reply.

The issue is resolved and I am able to send mails thru JDE system now.

Error in sending Email thru JDE (E810) to External email id (eg.Gmail)

Hi Sumeet,

I am getting error while sending email to external email id's (eg. gmail) - "sendMimeMsgOnSMTPImpl with an error return code : <29> "
But no issue while sending to our Outlook internal email id's. I using BSFN "B0500725" (EmailMerge...)

I appreciate your help in advance.