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Email Notification, Send Message Extended


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Hi Guys,

I have setup the workstation jde.ini as per Enterprise Server and I hit the following error message when submitting an UBE to send email locally.

8764/7972 MAIN_THREAD Thu Mar 08 13:08:52.787000 jdb_ctl.c4199
Starting OneWorld

8764/9144 UNKNOWN Thu Mar 08 13:09:33.566000 jdesmtp.c3711
SMTP_ParseServerResponse : The SMTP server returned an error
Response from the SMTP server is <550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for xxxx@domain.com


8764/9144 UNKNOWN Thu Mar 08 13:09:33.566001 jdesmtp.c1517
Leaving sendMimeMsgOnSMTPImpl with an error return code : <29>

8764/9144 UNKNOWN Thu Mar 08 13:09:33.566002 jdemosmtp.c408
SendMediaObjectOnSMTP : Failed in sendMimeMsgOnSMTP

8764/9144 UNKNOWN Thu Mar 08 13:09:33.566003 jdemsg.c1324
DoSendMessageSingleWithPref : Failed to send message via TRANSPORT_SMTP

8764/9144 UNKNOWN Thu Mar 08 13:09:33.566004 jdemsg.c975
DoSendMessageSingle : DoSendMessageSingleWithPref (1) Failed Address Book Number<90006721> Contact Number<0>.

8764/9144 UNKNOWN Thu Mar 08 13:09:33.566005 jdemsg.c540
sendMessageRecipient : Failed to Send Message

Any Idea how to solve this. Thanks.


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1) SMTP Relay is not enabled on your (or your email provider's) mail server
2) You have a email provider that throttles the number of SMTP messages allowed

When we went Office 365 / Microsoft Cloud for our email service we started getting hit by #2 above. So we setup a tiny SMTP mail server (rmail) on a local server and routed all of our application generated emails through that. Works well.