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Hi guys,

When I tried to delete one of my APPL programs, system pop out an error which said "Error: General Error in method, Delete" (Error ID:138F). This program has been checked in, and in a project which has a 21 status. I checked Activity rules, I couldn't see anything wrong. The rules are similar to UBE, I tried to delete a UBE object, no problem. Does anybody have any idea about this?

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Check User Overrides! I have seen a number of problems with applications in
OMW caused by User Overrides, if they exist for this Application.

By default OMW is not set up correctly for UO object type - look in the
Object Transfer Activity Rules, often UO is not included, or if it is the
location is wrong - should be Central Objects - PY7333 (for CRP/PY7333)
standard Xe comes with it set to Control Tables - CRP.

So for Status 21 to 21 you need an Object Transfer Rule:

User = *PUBLIC
Object Type = UO
From Location = Local
To Location = Central Objects - PY7333 (If you develop in CRP) or DV7333 (if
you Develop in DEV)
Allowed Action = 02 (Delete Only)

That should do it.

It may be worth checking the set up of UO object type in other Object
Transfer Rules. It is generally wrong!

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Client - Citrix TSE + 4 NT PC's for development
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Hi Carl

Thank you very much! I tried your way, it works great!

Actually I saw some "can't delete user override " error from log, I thought that might be table security issue, I checked the Row security, there were not any security on it. I was never aware of there is UO type for Activity Rules.

One thing I wander why the local is Central Object ??7333 not System - 7333, is this location referring to SPEC files not F00950 table?

Thank you and have a nice day!

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thx for the catch on this! Good job!

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