Er Debugger Error Message: The parameter is incorrect



When I attempt to start debug (by clicking on Debug Application in JDE Solution) I get a pop-up that says, "The parameter is incorrect.".
Clicking the OK button of the pop-up will display the ER Debugger screen.
But when I select an object to debug, the pop-up comes up again and basically could not proceed from there.
I am using a fat client and before I had this problem my machine shut off due to low power.
Any suggestions?

I am new to E1.
I did try to look for a discussion about the matter but did not find any.

Hi Carlo,

Welcome to the world of JDE and JDEList, where you will find JDE Geeks :p

If this caused due to shut off of the PC ( i.e., without proper Shut Down procedure), some of the required files might corrupted.
Re-installing fat client might solve the issue. I had this kind of issue ( not with debugger, but with RDA), and I just reinstalled fat client and fixed my issue.

Probability for occurring this kind of error is very high if we do not properly shut down the PC. So it is advised to connect to an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
Hello Rauf!

Thank you very much for the welcome and advice.
I was hoping that it would be just a matter of clearing a table or even a folder.
Anyway, I had my fat client reinstalled.